By using in-the-box mixing techniques we're able to achieve full, punchy mixes to make your tracks stand out from the crowd.


Never has your voice sounded more convincing and your podcast has never been so fluid.


Your guitars lack oomph? Send your DI tracks to us to pass through Fractal Audio equipment and let us turn them into weapons of sonic destruction.

How to prepare your tracks

Ensure that the files are complete, without clipping.
If you’re sending us multiple files for one project make sure that they’re exported as a region, of equal length so that once we import them, they’re all in sync.
DI instruments should be recorded via a DI box
The tracks should be raw, without any plug-ins printed onto the recording unless it’s something absolutely necessary to achieve the end result – in that case, be sure to contact us beforehand.
We’re accepting .wav files from 48kHz to 96kHz, 24 bit PCM.
Make sure to name the files properly so that everything’s clear.

Get in touch

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